Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is utilised by over 80% of the population.

Harnessed correctly, social media can be your fastest and most cost effective route to market and deliver incredible, tangible results. Ignore it at your peril; long gone are the days of posting a Facebook page with a shot of a vehicle handover and a link to your VIP event.

Clever, intuitive messages that inform, entertain and engage are key: formatted to each platform and its audience. Timed and targeted correctly, this can transform your social media strategy.

We provide social strategy planning, design campaigns and content that bring your prospects and customers into your community. We encourage them to engage with offers that are relevant and timely and use analytics to remarket and build virtual relationships with your marketplace.

  • Social media audit
  • Social strategy
  • Moderation
  • Analytics and ROI measurement
  • Carousel marketing
  • Content creation
  • Community engagement and management