Nucleus CRM

Our Nucleus CRM tool is at the heart of everything that we do. So many systems offer a solution for one aspect of your customer contact strategy; Nucleus does it all – simply, intuitively and holistically. We have taken the very best aspects of customer contact strategy and combined them into one, user friendly and highly effective CRM tool.

Nucleus manages and cleanses data, predicts events, activities and identifies likely selling opportunities within your customer and prospect base.

It communicates pro-actively and effectively across a range of media such as text, email, direct mail, social media and live website chat. Nucleus features follow up activity and campaign analysis at its core, giving you the power to effectively manage your campaigns and measure return on investment for all your activity.

With Nucleus, a meaningful view of your entire customer contact strategy and its performance is now at your fingertips. Nucleus is used here at Bamboo on our customers’ behalves, managing the customer journey from prospect through to initial sale and ultimate retention.

Nucleus can be fully supported by our specialist Contact Centre, providing full, live visibility of all our activities. It is also utilised by clients who have their own Marketing departments and Contact Centres, in order to effectively track, manage and improve performance.

Never lose another opportunity to engage, convert and retain your market. Make Nucleus the centre of your business.