About Us

At Bamboo Marketing, we make a very simple promise: we will guarantee to help you find new customers, ensure that you retain your existing ones, increase your profits and have a massively positive impact on customer satisfaction.

It’s a promise we’ve kept consistently, earning a reputation within the automotive industry for delivering both quality and results.

We don’t sell a one-size-fits-all product. We provide diverse, knowledgeable experts to help market your business, working as a genuine extension of your own team. Our industry leading CRM and technical support team help you accurately predict and segment your customer and prospect data and accurately report on all of your activity. Our Studio, Promotions & Events and Social Media departments are all on hand to support and implement every aspect of your strategy. Most importantly, our industry leading contact centre, employing only the type of people that you would employ within your dealerships, ensures that every activity is followed up by highly trained and experienced automotive professionals.

Our holistic approach to marketing ensures that not a single opportunity is missed, your customers experience an on-brand, customer-focused journey and the very best advice at every point. Because we can fulfil every part of your plan, we’re completely accountable, and all our activity can be measured accurately in terms of customer experience, revenue generation and return on investment. It’s different to traditional multi agency approaches, but we think it’s the right way. We’re completely transparent, we always get results and we stand by what we do.

Of course not all of our Automotive Manufacturer and Dealer Group clients utilise every aspect of our offering. We work closely with marketing departments and dealership teams to fulfil areas where an expert, consistent approach relieves stress on their core teams. We’ve made sure that our services are the very best in the automotive world. It’s not just a job to us; it’s in our DNA.