Reception Short Term Cover

With the current climate of absence from work with COVID isolation or just needing time to take a holiday your business can’t stop.

Use Bamboo to cover you for short periods when your staff are ill or you just need to take some time away from work. With our hours starting from 8 am in the morning let us answer your phone calls to support your business. 

All your calls will be answered in your company name just as if you were in the office.  When you need a break, the last thing you want is the constant interruption of phone calls.

You can use our short term cover as many times as you need. All you need is the ability to divert your calls to another number and we can work as an extension of your business.

Once you have filled out our DNA document which tells our team how to manage your calls you can divert to us as often as you need.

Call the team today on 01905 670862 or email