Call Overflow Management

Are you missing business because you can’t answer every call you get? Sometimes we make a call and it just rings and rings people and customers wonder if the business is open or hang up. We know it’s hard to answer every call especially if you are a small business- that’s where we come in simply divert your calls to us or set the overflow to come through to our team. Our friendly and very experienced team are there to handle those calls for you which would have gone unanswered.

It’s a fantastic service and the overflow team will cope with any fluctuating demands.  If you find that you are short of people because of staff training or sickness, then you have the full back up of the overflow team.

The team can also run diaries, sales event bookings and complex booking systems if that would be helpful to you.  It’s exactly as if you’re tapping into additional team players as and when you need the support.  The overflow team is an extension of your own team.

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